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SpinCycle T-shirts are available to BUY now!

Tee Shirts Picture

SpinCycle has had some very fetching Tees made featuring a laser-cut fabric stencil of the logo on the front, and the full logo on the back. They are currently only available in black with the design in white on 100% medium weight cotton tee. Sizes available are Small, Med, Large, XL amd XXL by request and the price is a paltry 15 plus a pound towards postage and packaging for UK only. To order one you can contact me via the contact form on this site, message me on facebook or email me directly

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Underground Music Festival 13th-16th September 2013

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I know it’s a while in advance but we already know what a great time we’re gonna have at UMF 2013! The festival will be in a beautiful and secluded part of the Surrey or Sussex countryside, and will be fully licensed. It will feature an outdoor stage, several big-top main stages and a SpinCycle afterparty and Chill-out tent. Much more detail is in the pipeline including an awesome lineup so please keep an eye on the shiny new website for the Festival by clicking the artwork above, and make sure you've got the dates free in your diary.

SpinCycle reaches 700 members FREE MIX to Download

It’s hard to believe that we only started SpinCycle just over a year ago with just 32 friends as members. Now a year or so later we have 700 people joined up in our little Facebook community, and more coming out to party with the rig. As a thankyou here’s a mix of stuff from the random folder, expect some house, breaks and whatnot. Click the artwork below to go get the download.

SpinCycle 700 Mix by DjTAB

DjTAB Mix Chillin’ in a Field

I’ll have to take this down soon as it's taking up quite a lot of space on this site. It’s a two and a half hour wander through some chilled, eclectic vibes from last years Underground Music festival in Horsham. Right click and save as on the artwork below for the mix, and under it is a link to the full artwork with tracklist. UMF 2013 is scheduled for 13th to 16th of September, and will be in the Surrey or Sussex area. SpinCycle will be there, you should come.

Chillin in a Field Mix by DjTAB

Right click and Save as to Download CD Sleeve Artwork

4000 Watts of rich, creamy BASS ! !

We’ve built 4k of Sub-bass cabinets loaded with Void V-18 drivers, and coupled with an oldskool Crown MA5002vz amplifier the new and improved rig really has to be heard to be believed! Keep an eye on this page for details of our upcoming ventures out and about with the rig. For the inner geek, or anyone else who is interested in building speakers click the picture below to visit my speaker geekery gallery on Facebook.

Gratuitous Speaker Geekery Facebook Gallery Link

Radio Updates

The show on interFACE radio is back on your internetz on Sunday evenings from 5pm to 8pm GMT. Hosted by a rota of underground party dj’s the shows will be diverse, and feature lots of great music. The current rota is posted below.

London Underground with SpinCycle & Friends ( every Sunday 17.00-20.00 GMT

SpinCycle & Friends Radio Rota


Thanks to all the people who help organise and come to our parties, all those who tune into interFACE or who download the mixes we put up. This isn’t about money, (although a little would be nice!) it’s about doing something you love doing. It’s really cool to know there are people listening and enjoying what you do!

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Copyright © 2007
Handmade by Tendril
Mixes by DjTAB

Hover your mouse over the artwork for a description and click on a thumbnail to see a larger image and tracklist. Tip: to download: rightclick and 'save target as' or equivalent. Scroll down to see more.

Kilburn Pub Jukebox 1978 by Dj TAB: Kilburn Pub Jukebox circa 1978.
The drummer in my brothers band gave me a manky stack of 7’s a few years back. They had been liberated from a jukebox in a pub in Kilburn, London around 1978. These are some of the ones in a playable condition, there are still a few scratches though! This is less of a mix, more a selection of tunes that needed recording before they got into a worse condition, although I’m impressed that after several owners and thirty odd years they play at all...! So stick it on and get skankin’...!

download | tracklist  | 
Hammock Mix by Dj TAB: The Hammock Mix. This is the second HouseBreakin’ Mix. The brief set by Tendril was a selection of your favourite tunes to lie in a hammock on some tropical shore watching the sun set. I decided on a selection of old classics from a good few years back which is probably a bit upbeat for lying in a hammock! It’s a good mix though sure to keep your toes tapping!
download | tracklist
City Lights by Dj TAB: City Lights is a mix of some of my favourite House tunes from the last few years. I wanted the mix to have the feel of a night out in the city so get yourself out there throwing some shapes.
download | tracklist  | 
Deviant by Dj TAB: Deviant is a dark and moody mix inspired by some of the more interesting aspects of human interaction. The mix fuses Dubstep, Techno, House and Breaks to create a world of contrast and paradox that you may or may not like! So would you care to slip into something less comfortable?
download | tracklist
Vestax blisters Vol.1 by Dj TAB: Vestax Blisters is a right old mish-mash of the old and new, to achieve some of the mixes some serious pitch control abuse had to be undertaken in order to shoe-horn the tunes together! It’s another dark selection that includes some lighter moments incuding a silly mash-up of The Sabres of Paradise’s classic Wilmot.
download | tracklist  | 
80's revival mix by Dj TAB: 80's Mixtape. Well some of the best new tunes are re-edits and mash-ups of classic old tunes. This is a silly, cheese-ridden bit of fun I did a few years back that will have you wanting to get your flourescent leg-warmers and global-hypercolour t-shirts on. Hitman and Her anyone?
download | tracklist
Crystalline by Dj TAB: Crystalline. A truly stonkin’ selection of phat nu-skool breaks, and very much a HouseBreakin’ style mix. This really does keep on rockin’ right the way to the end, and should definitely be on your personal music device!
download | tracklist  | 

All Promoters and Venue Owners if you do not like what is here contact me via the contact page and I will put something together for you